Brussels, Belgium, June 2, 2020

New recognition to Breeze for its flavor and purity, this time from the prestigious International Taste Institute

As every year, the prestigious jury of chefs and sommeliers at the International Taste Institute has evaluated the taste of food and beverages through a blind tasting process and sensory analysis of their organoleptic properties. The results of these evaluations have been published by the International Taste Institute.

All certified products go through a rigorous sensory evaluation carried out by chefs and sommeliers belonging to the most important culinary and sommelier associations and organizations in Europe, following a blind tasting methodology, without comparing them and assigning a score to each Organoleptic criteria analyzed.

Stijn Roelandt - sous-chef at the Hof van Cleve restaurant, 3 Michelin Stars - explains how he and the rest of the jury carry out the evaluations for the International Taste Institute: “It is a very strict and blind process, which means that all samples are anonymous: we do not see the packaging, we do not know the brand, the name of the producer, or the country of origin. This forces us to be completely objective when doing the sensory analysis and therefore only those products that are truly good, without external influences, are finally certified ”.

International Taste Institute

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