Wine tasting

Wine tasting

To appreciate all the nuances of a good wine, it is necessary to prepare the mouth and clean the taste buds.

Breeze, as it has an ultra-low mineralization and a neutral flavor, will not modify the flavor pursued by the winemaker.

Whether you are organizing a tasting or you are a lover of good wines, you should consider incorporating Breeze into your winery.


Whisky and spirits

If you are a lover of good liquors, you will not want to change their flavor with just any water or with bad ice. Protect its flavor, and your investment with Breeze. If you try it, you will not want another water.

Iberico or cheese tasting

If you have organized a cheese tasting, or you are trying Iberian, you will want to appreciate all its flavor.

With Breeze you can cleanse your palate to appreciate the different flavors of each of them.

pure water

Weak mineralization

Consult the unique composition of Breeze if you are looking for a water with weak mineralization.

As mist water is a new type of water that is not specifically contemplated in Spanish legislation, it is not considered medicinal.

However, you can check with your doctor if it is the ideal water in case you have any special needs.

A very special table

You want to surprise your guests and you don't want to neglect the smallest detail.

If you are looking for a water that is up to the task, you need a unique and original water, you need Breeze.


Original gift

Looking for a special gift?

Breeze is what you were looking for.

Suitable for all audiences, sustainable, ecological, original, unique. We all drink water, but Breeze is not just any water, it is the purest water in the world.

You can never forget the first time you drank Fog Water.

Weddings - Events - Catering

Breeze cannot be absent from the table of the most exclusive celebrations and events.

If you don't settle for anything and always seek the best result, with Breeze you will make the best team.