How do you get Breeze, Mist Water?

As in the leaves of trees, moisture condenses to form drops of water that subsequently fall, the mist condenses on our patented collectors, forming drops that we collect before they fall to the ground for bottling.
The mist from the skies of the Canary Islands, one of the cleanest in the world, coming from the evaporation of the Atlantic Ocean, is pushed by the wind to our collectors where the drops of pure water are formed that we collect without the need for energy.


Breeze Fog water, does it have minerals or is it comparable to distilled water?

Mist water, although it does not touch soil, contains minerals in a very low proportion. Its minerals come from the particles of sea salt carried by the clouds when they cross the Atlantic Ocean, therefore, containing minerals it is not a distilled water.


Why in particular is Breeze Mist Water such a pure and contaminant-free water?

Because it is collected in the summits of the Canary Islands, one of the cleanest skies on the Planet. This is why also, all the largest telescopes in the world are installed here.
Furthermore, by not touching the ground, it does not collect its impurities.


Could it be considered as an ecological water?

Yes, no energy is used in the collecting process. Only the wind power is necessary to push the mists that hits against the Mist Collectors.


How can I enjoy Breeze Water Mist?

Breeze mist water, is pure and neutral, it can be enjoyed alone, mixing it with spirits, since it will not provide flavours that can disturb it, and to clean the palate between the tastings of your favourite drink. The ultimate in mixology.
It can also be used in tastings, both for drinks and food, to cleanse our palate of flavor.


Is Breeze the purest water in the world?

This is probably the case, since as it does not pass through the earth it hardly has any impurities. The rest of the water can be filtered by nature in different ways, but wherever it is deposited it will collect impurities. Breeze is picked up straight out of the mist before it hits the ground. From heaven directly to your palate!


What category of water does mist water belong to?

As it is a new type of water, there is no category in which it can be correctly included, since the rest of the waters are obtained from springs or are processed, none of them being Breeze. Breeze is not natural mineral water or spring water, it is MIST WATER!


What does mist water taste like?

Simply water!
Breeze is a water with a neutral taste, it only tastes like water.
Those who have had the opportunity to drink clean snow say that Breeze is even purer, and it seems a lighter water, less thick than other waters.


Where can I find Breeze?

Breeze is a Premium water that you can find in some of the best Gourmet stores and distributors in Spain. You can also place your order online and we will deliver it directly to your home.
In France you can find our products at La Grande Epicerie de Paris.


What composition does Breeze have?

Composition in mg / l
TDS 30
Ce 47.4
PH 6.2
Bicarbonates 2.23
Calcium 0.9
Magnesium 1.1
Sodium 6.8
Potassium 0.8
Chlorides 15
Sulfates 1
Fluorides 0.14
Silica <0.5

Is the bottle stopper made of cork?

No, health legislation does not allow cork to be used in the case of water bottles. We would have liked to use cork stoppers to maximize the sustainability of the entire product, but the cork would transmit impurities to the water and allow it to “breathe”. For this reason, we have used products that guarantee the maximum purity of our water.