How is Breeze Mist Water obtained?
It is obtained by special patented devices (patent nº P-201530042) called Atmospheric Water Collectors that retain the tiny drops of water that forms the mists, obtaining a high-quality water without energy needs, without affecting the environment, without generating waste and without touching soil, filtered and packaged especially for you.

Does Breeze Mist Water contain its own minerals, or is it comparable to distilled water?
Mist water, although it does not touch soil, contains minerals in a very low proportion. Its minerals come from the particles of sea salt carried by the clouds when they cross the Atlantic Ocean, therefore, containing minerals it is not a distilled water.

Why in particularly Breeze Mist Water is so pure and without contaminants?
Because it is collected in the summits of the Canary Islands, one of the cleanest skies on the Planet. This is why also, all the largest telescopes in the world are installed here.

Could it be considered as an ecological water?
Yes, no energy is used in the collecting process. Only the wind power is necessary to push the mists that hits against the Mist Collectors.

How can I enjoy Breeze Mist Water?
Breeze mist water, is pure and neutral, it can be enjoyed alone, mixing it with spirits, since it will not provide flavours that can disturb it, and to clean the palate between the tastings of your favourite drink. The ultimate in mixology.